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Copernicus for raw materials

Copernicus for raw materials
Published on: 19/09/2017
The objective of the workshop is to advise the User Forum and the Copernicus Committee on the best ways to support uptake from private intermediate and end users and to identify potential research and development needs.
Event date: 05/09/2016
Location: European Commission - DG GROW - Auditorium (Breydel building), 45, Avenue d'Auderghem - 1040 Brussels - Belgium

Extractive industry users are particularly interested in satellite images and Copernicus can provide significant added value to the sector. Several tasks within the mining lifecycle can be supported by methods using remote sensing components (and earth observation data in particular).

Copernicus provides free, full and open access to data and information, with specific products that can be derived by both satellite and in-situ data.

This workshop will be an opportunity to learn how Copernicus can contribute to industry, as well as to discover what industry needs are. The aim in the long term will be to build an EU-level community for product and service developers and users.

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