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Conference in Tallinn on award criteria in public procurement

Conference in Tallinn on award criteria in public procurement
Published on: 31/03/2016
As part of the Single Market Forum, the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs will organise a conference on 19 May in Tallinn, Estonia on Getting the award criteria right in public procurement ('Best price/quality ratio' versus 'Lowest price' : how to get best value for money ?)
Event date: 19/05/2016
Location: Tallinn - Estonia

The objective of the conference will be to discuss how to get 'best value for money' through public procurement, in particular under the new modernised EU rules. Participants will discuss how to choose the best award criteria for the selection of offers, depending on the contracting authorities' needs and the type of products, works or services they want to procure.

The respective merits and challenges associated with the various award criteria available under the new directives (e.g. lowest price, 'Best Price Quality Ratio'- BPQR) will be explored, with a particular focus on quality considerations. The conference is expected to dispel a number of preconceived ideas. Concrete experiences - good or bad - and exemplary success stories will be presented, together with state-of-the art methodologies devised to make the most out of procurement procedures.

The aim of the event is to demonstrate the benefits for contracting authorities to use the right award criterion in a given context. The discussion will focus on both the practical implications for contracting authorities and policy makers at national and EU level.

The conference will be opened by Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska and by the Estonian Minister of Public Administration Arto Aas.

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The number of seats is limited. Applications for registration will be open from 18 April here: Once connected to the website, please follow the instructions and your request will be processed.

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