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Conference 2: 'Disrupting the future', Brussels – January 2016

Conference 2: 'Disrupting the future', Brussels – January 2016
Published on: 07/09/2017
Business innovation observatory
Event date: 26/01/2016 to 27/01/2016
Location: EGG Conference and Meeting Centre, 175 Bara Street - 1070 Brussels

Boosting jobs, growth and investment are major parts of the Juncker Commission's agenda. Innovation is a key driver in developing a strong European industry as part of this agenda. Europe's understanding of the changing technologies and models used by innovative businesses should improve. This is necessary to enhance its leadership position in business innovation.

Looking to the future of innovation, the 2-day conference summed up the last 3 years of the Business Innovation Observatory (BIO). 130+ participants gathered over 2 days.
They included:

  • role-model entrepreneurs
  • investors
  • industry experts
  • high-level policy-makers
  • Agenda (429 kB)