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Commission unveils clean mobility package to reinforce EU's leadership in clean vehicles

Commission unveils clean mobility package to reinforce EU's leadership in clean vehicles
Published on: 08/11/2017
The Commission has today revealed a series of measures designed to help accelerate the transition to low- and zero-emission vehicles. The proposals, part of the clean mobility package, also contribute to fulfilling the EU's commitments under the Paris agreement.
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The automotive industry is undergoing profound transformation as the world moves towards a modern low-carbon economy. Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Elżbieta Bieńkowska said:

'Our car industry is at a turning point. To maintain its global leadership, and for the sake of our environment and public health, the car industry needs to invest in new and clean technologies. We will foster market uptake of zero-emission cars with seamless charging infrastructure and high-quality batteries produced in Europe.'

The clean mobility package includes the following:

  • new CO2 standards – to help manufacturers supply low-emission vehicles to the market
  • the clean vehicles directive – to promote clean mobility solutions in public procurement tenders, boosting demand and supply of clean mobility solutions
  • an action plan and investment solutions to encourage an alternative fuels infrastructure throughout the EU – to increase investment and the scope of national plans, so anyone buying an electric car can be confident of finding charging stations
  • the revised combined transport directive – to make it easier for companies to claim incentives, thereby stimulating the combined use of trucks and trains, barges or ships for the transport of goods
  • the directive on passenger coach services – to encourage long-distance bus connections across Europe, reducing transport emissions and road congestion
  • the battery initiative – so that the power for vehicles and other mobility solutions of tomorrow and their components will be invented and produced in the EU

Today's proposals establish rules to help secure a level playing field between actors in the industry operating in the EU. The package will also foster innovation in new technologies and business models, as well as a more efficient use of modes of transport for goods. Targeted financial instruments will support these proposals.

The clean mobility proposals will now be sent to the co-legislators. The Commission has called on stakeholders to work closely together so that the benefits for the EU's industry, businesses, workers and citizens can be generated as soon as possible.

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