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Commission announces actions to make Europe’s raw materials supply more secure and sustainable

Commission announces actions to make Europe’s raw materials supply more secure and sustainable
Published on: 03/09/2020
Today, the Commission presents an Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials, the 2020 List of Critical Raw Materials and a foresight study on critical raw materials for strategic technologies and sectors from the 2030 and 2050 perspectives.

The action plan looks at the current and future challenges and proposes actions to reduce Europe’s dependency on third countries, diversifying supply from both primary and secondary sources, and improving resource efficiency and circularity while promoting responsible sourcing worldwide.

The actions will foster our transition towards a green and digital economy, and at the same time, bolster Europe’s resilience and open strategic autonomy in key technologies needed for such transition.

The List of Critical Raw Materials has been updated to reflect the changed economic importance and supply challenges based on their industrial application. It contains 30 critical raw materials. Lithium, which is essential for a shift to e-mobility, has been added to the list for the first time.

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market said: "A number of raw materials are essential for Europe to lead the green and digital transition, and remain the world’s first industrial continent. We cannot afford to rely entirely on third countries – for some rare earths, even on just one country. By diversifying the supply from third countries and developing the EU’s own capacity for extraction, processing, recycling, refining and separation of rare earths, we can become more resilient and sustainable. Implementing the actions that we propose today will require a concerted effort by industry, civil society, regions and Member States. We encourage the latter to include investments into critical raw materials into their national recovery plans."

The Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials aims to:

  • develop resilient value chains for EU industrial ecosystems
  • reduce dependency on primary critical raw materials through circular use of re-sources, sustainable products and innovation
  • strengthen domestic sourcing of raw materials in the EU
  • diversify sourcing from third countries and remove distortions to international trade, fully respecting the EU’s international obligations

To achieve these objectives, today’s Communication outlines ten concrete actions. The first of these is the establishment of a European Raw Materials Alliance in the coming weeks. By bringing together all relevant stakeholders, the alliance will primarily focus on the most pressing needs, namely to increase EU resilience in the rare earth and magnet value chains, as this is vital to most of EU industrial ecosystems, such as renewable energy, defence and space. Later, the alliance could expand to address other critical raw material and base metal needs over time.

See all the objectives in the full press release, below.

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