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Blueprint for cities and regions as launch pads for digital transformation

Blueprint for cities and regions as launch pads for digital transformation
Published on: 23/05/2016
Author: Strategic Policy Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital transformation doesn't only enable economic growth, but also the improvement of the quality of life for all citizens. This blueprint, prepared by the Strategic Policy Forum on Digital Entrepreneurship, illustrates the strategic role of cities and regions in leading a modern, smart transformation of their territories and the importance of a holistic approach, including a multitude of actors, in order to grasp all the digital opportunities offered by the transformation.

Based on the comparative analysis of 13 different European cities which pioneered digital transformation and restored spectacular economic growth, the report is intended to act as a smart guidebook for regional and local policy makers, business leaders, academia and the civil society.

It will act as a catalyst to leverage regional economic growth and jobs. It sets out the incentives and the benefits for local stakeholders to act, and it defines concrete steps to achieve this, success factors and indicators to measure them.

The blueprint identifies four main attributes through stakeholders can truly help their cities and regions to go digital:

  • Leadership and collaboration for a smart governance of the local digital ecosystem
  • Digital talent and entrepreneurs to accelerate the digital transformation process
  • Access to data and technologies for applied solutions to local challenges
  • Key Infrastructures and investments for digital launch-pads

An online tool ( will provide an interactive service which defines the specific recommendations for all the local stakeholders on how to support digital transformation. It will also present the 13 case-studies on which the comparative analysis of the blueprint was based.

Report and more information

Recommendations of the Strategic Policy Forum: Blueprint for cities and regions as launch pads for digital transformation (PDF, 3MB)

Poster on how to cook up your digital ecosystem (PPT, 12MB)

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