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Behavioural economic analysis of professionals' incentives in health and business services professions

Behavioural economic analysis of professionals' incentives in health and business services professions
Published on: 26/07/2018 Last update: 26/07/2018
Call number: Behavioural economic analysis of professionals' incentives in health professions and in business services professions
Deadline: 24/09/2018
This call is for a study that will provide theoretical and empirical analysis of how effective the entry and conduct requirements for health and business services professionals are in attaining their public interest objectives.

The call for tender is divided into 2 lots:

Lot 1 - Professionals' incentives in health professions: behavioural economics approach

Lot 2 - Professionals' incentives in business services professions: behavioural economics approach

The study is expected to employ behavioural analysis to focus on the motives that cause professionals to behave in a socially-desirable way, including the incentives provided by professional regulation.

Professional regulation should be understood as a specific type of rule that is directly linked to the particular profession itself. For this reason, professional regulation goes beyond general legal rules (civil law, tort law and commercial law) that streamline and facilitate commercial transactions, but it should also be differentiated from activity/product-related risk regulation (health and safety regulation, environmental regulation, consumer protection law, etc.) that likewise seeks to correct market failures.

Indeed, due to the complex nature of certain professional service activities, such professional rules will often not directly prescribe the desired outcome or process of the service provision but will seek to induce 'proper behaviour' of the professionals 'indirectly', via mechanisms such as licensing or title protection (entry regulation), fee restrictions, advertising restrictions or conflict of interests rules (conduct regulation).

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