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2nd Conference on REACH, CLP and Biocides Enforcement

2nd Conference on REACH, CLP and Biocides Enforcement
Published on: 17/09/2018
The European Commission is organising a one-day conference on 13 November 2018 in Brussels on REACH, CLP and biocides Enforcement. Participants are expected from relevant Commission services, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), National enforcement authorities, EU country competent authorities, third countries, industry representatives including SMEs, trade unions and NGOs.
Event date: 13/11/2018
Location: Charlemagne Building, Brussels - Belgium

What is the conference about?

The Conference intends to gather together authorities and stakeholders from all REACH, CLP and Biocides sectors. EU country representatives and stakeholders are invited to discuss how these Chemical Regulations are being enforced in the EU. Enforcement helps to achieve the full objectives of these regulations, helps in the functioning of the single market and foster an equal playing field for companies on the EU market.

The Conference will focus on enforcement practices and on identifying good practices from both EU countries and stakeholders. Forum members (EU country enforcement authorities’ network) will present their activities. See more on Forum activities

Organisation of the conference

The conference will take place in the Charlemagne building of the European Commission (meeting room Alcide de Gasperi), rue de la Loi n° 170, 1040 Brussels.

The conference will be web-streamed.

By taking part in the conference, delegates consent to appearing on the web throughout the web-streaming of the event.

The meeting will be conducted in English without interpretation.

Registration is now closed.

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