EUROCITIES Interview: Prof. Anke Karmann-Woessner from Karlsruhe

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    24 June 2019 - updated 4 weeks ago
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Interview with Prof. Anke Karmann-Woessner from the Urban Mobility partnership for the Urban Agenda, courtesy of EUROCITIES (subscriber version):


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Partnership on Urban Mobility

What was the added value of coordinating the UA partnership?

Enabling cities to create urban mobility to better handle future challenges. It was extremely valuable having the chance to work in full transparency on current subjects of the EU through an EU-wide multi-governmental approach. We became more familiar with the EU political decision making process which increases the ways to communicate requirements and address interests to the relevant panels at EU level.

Were your expectations met?

We got a better common understanding that cities’ current challenges coincide with European mobility challenges. Due to our partnership and the discussions with EU decision makers, we were given the opportunity to bring in the expertise of a wide variety of partners at all levels in finding solutions for future mobility.

What future possibilities do you see for developing this?

We see sharing knowledge and consolidating learning in a broad community, and fostering and maintaining our sustainable partnership as fundamental steps.