The Table of Actions is now online on Futurium!

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    13 June 2019 - updated 3 months ago
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DG REGIO, with the support of the Technical Secretariat, has developed a table of actions whose main objective is to monitor and track the implementation of the Urban Agenda Partnerships’ Actions. The Table has been filled in cooperation with coordinators and action Leaders and it now contains information from all the 114 Actions of 12 Action Plans.


The table of actions, which comes in the form of an Excel file, is an instrument aiming at:

  1. Monitoring the progress of the Actions by the Coordinators and other interested stakeholders;
  2. Facilitating and supporting the coordination between Partnerships;
  3. Integrating key information on all Urban Agenda Actions, which can serve for further qualitative and quantitative analysis.


The table contains two tabs, namely:

  1. Actions overview, containing all relevant information on the Actions, such as status, category, communication activities, results achieved, Partners involved, etc.
  2. Cross-cutting issues, showing the links between each Actions and the 11 cross-cutting issues, as described in the Pact of Amsterdam.


To facilitate the identification of synergies between Partnerships, a public version of the table of actions has just been published on a dedicted section on Futurium available here.


It has to be noted that, as most of the Actions are still being developed, the table remains subject to change, and it is going to be regularly updated.


For any queries, you are welcome to contact the Technical Secretariat at