EWRC2018 - A Serious Game that helps you take a strategic perspective

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    4 October 2018 - updated 4 months ago
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This year the European Week of Regions and Cities  will gather six urban stakeholders (Urban Agenda for the EU, EUROCITIES, the EC Joint Research Centre (JRC), Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) , URBACT, and the European Investment Bank EIAH) which will welcome you at the Urban Corner in the Square Convention Centre.




The urban areas will be again at the heart of the EWRC and the JRC developed a fun way to understand them. The Scenario Exploration System (SES) - board game session will take place at the Urban Corner every day in morning and afternoon.

The game enables players to explore different roles of main urban decision makers (municipal authority, national authority, city business, civil society and the general public) and pursue their long-term objectives. In 2 hours and a half two contrasting, real-life scenarios set the ground for deep interaction and discussion between players on trending urban topics. The game is designed to break mental barriers, simulate the unexpected future of cities and articulate global urban issues in a complex setting.

Make sure to join us and learn while playing games at the Urban Corner!


LOCATION: Square Convention Centre/Urban Corner/Cluster 1/Stand

8/Territorial Development Area

REGISTRATION: Register on site!

CONTACT PERSON: Ivana Vujic via ivana.vujic@eukn.eu

FOLLOW US via Twitter: @EUUrbanAgenda, #EURegionsWeek, #EUUrbanCorner.




Do you have any questions on the Urban Corner? Please contact the Urban Agenda for the EU Communications Team via UA.communication@ecorys.com.

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