Work in Progress on the Conference "Boosting Cross-Border Regions through Better Transport"

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    Birgit SANDU GOCIU
    16 July 2019 - updated 1 month ago
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SAVE THE DATE - On the 14th November 2019, the Commission organises in Brussels the conference ‘Boosting Cross-Border Regions through better Transport’! 


After one year since the publication of the study on missing rail links, we are ready to announce our next step for improving accessibility in cross-border regions! 


The event will be a great occasion to cast light on the need and the potential of enhancing transport services’ provision in border regions, as well as to learn from the numerous existing good practices!


The conference is jointly organised by DG REGIO and DG MOVE and it will serve as exchange platform for two typologies of audience that do not regularly meet: on one side, organisations associated with transport networks and transport services’ provision; on the other side, organisations engaged in cross-border cooperation. 


The discussion will focus on: 


  • Missing cross-border rail links;
  • Public transport services in cross-border regions;
  • Other relevant elements - like the synergies between the CEF missing links budget line and budgets from the Structural Funds;
  • Case studies and stories of recuperation of missing rail links and of cross-border public services will be demonstrated to give input to the debate.



We will keep you posted!