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A Smart ‘SaaS’ Decision Support System for monitoring, management, and simulation of renewable energy that helps multiple end-users (citizens, building managers, policy makers and energy providers), providing a new city and district energy model.


About the Innovator

Isotrol is an ICT SME company specialized in control and monitoring systems for large renewable installations with over 33 years of experience in the energy sector. Our management systems are found in more than 1.500 energy installations, and are used in the operation of more than 20 GW power around the world. Isotrol has offices in Spain, UK, USA and Brazil, and maintains a presence with relevant projects in 35 countries on four continents.

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What is the innovation

Isotrol developed a Smart ‘SaaS’ Decision Support System for monitoring, management, and simulation of renewable energy integration at both city and district level, which advises multiple end-users (citizens, policy makers and energy providers). The software architecture relies on an intelligent concept for data management, providing district energy models that take into account the combination of real time data with public available data and simulated data. All system components are online-based applications.


Out of the lab – Into the Market

The added value of the product innovation has been identified, while we are currently working on the preparation of the technology for the market adoption with a focus on reliability and performance. A services-based approach is foreseen as the best way for marketing the solution.


Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

Our participation in the framework programme, in particular through the EU-funded project DAREED, was crucial to ensure co-funding for our innovation. It also brought us the opportunity to work with important city councils such as Seville, Cambridgeshire and Lizzanello and large companies such as ENEL, ENDESA and EMASESA. Without such involvement, the development of SaaS would not have been possible. Being on the shortlist for the Innovation Radar Prize 2017 will help us to further promote our solution and will give us additional credibility to approach future investors.