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About the innovator

Peachnote develops technologies and products that are based on understanding music and human expressivity. We apply efficient algorithms and machine learning to large data sets which we collect, refine and learn to handle by creating applications on top of them. Our ultimate goal is developing technologies and applications that allow anybody to seamlessly project artistic ideas from one’s imagination into the world without any unnecessary friction. We structure our work and project in a way that follows a technological roadmap necessary to achieve this vision. Our primary domain is music, but when possible we apply the developed technologies to other domains as well.

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What is the innovation

We have developed algorithms for efficient similarity search and retrieval in large databases of human motion and expressivity data, as well as a system for bi-directional real-time streaming and analysis of audiovisual data collected with mobile phones. Our focus on the accessibility has allowed us to easily distribute our prototypes to anybody with a smartphone and a web browser. We are further developing a spectrum of applications based on the extraction and analysis of the collected affective data, some of which have already been evaluated by external users (such as motion similarity search and affective music search), while others are still being developed and tested internally.

Out of the lab. Into the market

We are planning to bring the first version to the public through the network of partners we have acquired thanks to our H2020 participation and on our own. We will address the users directly and collect their feedback. We will continue to iterate on the released application using our own resources. Once we demonstrate traction, we plan to ramp up our marketing and distribution by entering into distribution partnerships and possibly raising venture capital. We will address music enthusiasts at first, in particular those interested in piano music, expanding the messaging later to the general public. We are also pursuing collaborations in the area of primary music education and music therapy.

Benefits of participation in Horizon 2020

The Horizon 2020 programme provided us with an invaluable opportunity for close collaboration with non-technical domain experts in the fields of dance and music. The data and insights they generated and shared with us allowed us to develop and evaluate new methods of analysing dance and music, broadening our horizons. A network of excellent technical partners whom we met during the project continues to help us exploring the possibilities in our domain as well as identifying new fruitful collaboration opportunities. Last but not least, the funding from the programme has allowed us to dedicate more resources to developing technologies that are necessary to achieve our long-term mission instead of focusing on the short-term revenue.

This innovation was funded via H2020 project Wholodance

Team behind the innovation