ACTION 2 – Recommendations on EU security strategy, multi-level governance and funding

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This Action tries to tackle both governance and funding challenges which still hamper a successful and meaningful involvement of local authorities in the prevention and response to security threats at EU level.

From a governance perspective, security was for long considered as an exclusive prerogative of Member States. In the last decades a crucial role of local and regional authorities has become more and more obvious especially in security prevention at local level which entails the necessity of a multilevel governance approach to address local needs and promote local solutions.

From a funding perspective, EU funding opportunities to ensure security in public spaces should be better known and mobilized more easily by local and regional authorities, especially to support the whole range of activities which allow more efficient prevention, including investments in equipment. It would be important to facilitate access to current opportunities also for small and medium size local authorities; and complementarity between the various sources of funding should be guaranteed in a multilevel approach for a coherent implementation of EU policies at local level.


From a governance perspective, this Action aims to enhance the role of urban authorities and the effective cooperation and synergies with national authorities to develop more effective urban security interventions on the territory. Creating a network between urban authorities involved in the UA Partnership will help in sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices and also in finding shared innovative solutions to common problems (security in this case).

Regarding funding, in the context of the 2021-2027 Multi-annual Financial Framework, The Partnership will draw from and convey lessons learned on how to improve funding opportunities for Urban Authorities across all EU policies and instruments, including Cohesion Policy, in order to meet the real needs at the local level. The Partnership will also better inform local and regional authorities on how to mobilise funding for security in public spaces and communicate towards citizens on EU funded projects.


The Action will be primarily implemented through consultations with key decision-makers at national and EU levels (European Commission, European Parliament, Council, Committee of the Regions), advocacy activities in bilateral and multilateral meetings as well as events, and preparation of statements and positions which will inform on local practices and needs, contribute and guide key decisions on both the governance and funding front.

The Action will also foresee a careful screening of all EU funding opportunities, which can be mapped and more easily presented to interested urban authorities. Specific deliverables will include:

  • Official letters and position papers to European and national authorities on political priorities (such as the Leipzig Charter, the Security Union Strategy) and funding issues (such as guidelines to include security in integrated urban strategies financed by ERDF and develop local action plans);
  • Mapping of EU funding opportunities in the field of security for local and regional authorities
  • Preparatory work for the creation of a website for the Covenant of Mayors to ensure the continuity of the Partnership in the long term.


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