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    LeanXcale is the next generation database management system that can scale in any of the three Vs of Big Data (Volume, Velocity and Variety).Traditional operational databases do not scale due to a scalability bottleneck in transactional processing.

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    Gravity R&D

    Online user experience can be greatly improved if users are presented with relevant content based on their actual intent, captured real time in their browsing session.

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    There is increasing interest in neuronal networks in artificial intelligence – but how about networks of real human neurons connected to a computer to make computers naturally intelligent?

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    Within the EU-funded project ToMax, Lithoz has advanced lithography based additive manufacturing of ceramics by developing a novel 3D printer concept combining fast printing, excellent resolution, and a large building envelope.  Furthermore, a world-first

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    With MOVEN, Redlink provides a technology to easily distribute and version training models for machine learning on a proven infrastructure.

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    HRS developed a proven life-saving technology platform that will safeguard road workers whilst providing real-time road works information to road users to reduce journey time and congestion.

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    By using neural networks which record all weather dependent effects, enercast has develeoped algorithms which can learn from previous performance and weather data.

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    Reliability of semiconductor devices is an increasing concern, as our everyday life - sometimes literally - depends on appliances such as cars and airplanes that rely on ever more complex electronics. For space missions, reliability is even more critical.

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    BlueEye is a 4G wearable video camera system which is aimed at vertical industries such as healthcare, public safety, power generation, industry and construction.

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