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    Oslo University Hospital

    Lumiblast provides a paradigm shift in non-invasively treating hard to access cancers (e.g. brain cancers) by generating light inside to cancer cells to activate photosensitive drugs, which will in turn generate toxic intermediates to destroy the cancer cells.

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    Space Structures

    Looking for an ultra-lighweight and dimensionally stable strut/rod to link two points? Our SpaceStrut is the solution: a fully integral carbon-fibre reinforced polymer strut/rod developed for demanding space - and terrestial - applications. Its advanced manufacturing approach eliminates the traditional laborious bonding processes and use of exotic materials for metal end fittings.

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    Feeding 10-15 billion people by the year 2100 is a tremendously challenging task that will only be met by the implementation of drastic measures to increase agricultural productivity. FutureAgriculture aims to change over the plant metabolism to overcome its natural inefficiencies and support higher photosynthetic rate and yield.

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  • Innovator

    Starlab Barcelona

    What is consciousness? Can it be measured? While humankind has struggled with these questions for millennia, our project will focus on more modest but nonetheless ambitious and related goals. Inspired by recent developments in neuroscience and the potential role of fundamental concepts such as information and complexity, we study, model, quantify, and alter observable aspects of consciousness through AI data analysis and brain stimulation.

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    Cybertronica UG (CYBRES)

    By measuring plant’s (electro-)physiology and available environmental parameters, a bio-hybrid system of plants and sensors – so-called phytosensors – can be used for a biological monitoring of “well-being” or “pathogenicity” of living or working environments, autonomous interactions with human users and other bio-hybrid plants.

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    To revolutionize the Semiconductor industry with Graphene technology

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    Our mission is to make musicality as common as literacy. Learning to play music used to be difficult for most people, but now every second of every day someone new from around the world starts playing an instrument with Yousician.

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  • Innovator

    Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy Of Athens

    CURE is developing innovative phage therapies capable of restoring a healthy respiratory microbiome and improving clinical outcomes in asthma. The CURE approach sets standards for accomplishing future European industrial leadership in the field of phage therapy.

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    Institut Curie - UMR168

    Everybody has played with magnets, moving iron through a piece of paper 'by magic'. The MagNeuron consortium is doing the same, but in miniature and using cells instead of paper. By moving magnetic nanoparticles inside living cells, we can orient and force neuronal cells to extend their 'arms' in the right direction, which could open a new therapeutic route to treat Parkinson's disease.

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