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    Transilvania University of Brasov

    This solution implements a software framework for developing personalized medicine solutions based on homomorphically encrypted data and artificial intelligence (AI). The framework ensures that the data remains private, and the performance of the AI models is not affected by the encryption

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    Haiku Tech Europe

    HaikuTech has developed an AI-based system for 100% optical inspection of ceramic and polymeric substrates. The very effective system leads to a reduced production cost and a significant commercial advantage for solid state battery and fuel cell producers.

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    Skeleton Technologies

    Skeleton Technologies is cooking an ultracapacitor industry revolution with 4X the power density and 3X energy density, which will save 30% and more in grid energy storage, automotive applications, public transport, industrial solutions, etc.

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  • Innovator

    Mandat International

    Making interoperability, conformance and performance tests accessible online to everyone from everywhere with F-Interop: a platform of nline testing tools for the Internet of Things, from standardization to market penetration. It enables a larger group of stakeholder to contribute to and benefot from standardization.

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  • Innovator

    University of Bordeaux

    How to design an innovative generation of emulsifiers to produce controlled and reliable stimuli-responsive nanocapsules for skin care applications? Funded by Horizon 2020, this was the PeptiCaps project aim. Emissary Cosmetics has taken up the challenge of bringing this innovation forward to personalized, safe and smart cosmetics.

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  • Innovator


    SUMMA integrates stream-based media processing tools (including speech recognition and machine translation) with deep language understanding capabilities (including named entity relation extraction and semantic parsing), for open-source applications and implemented in use cases at the BBC and Deutsche Welle.

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  • Innovator


    Seagate has developed a storage system capable of working with different types of storage device technologies, including new and emerging ones such as Non Volatile Memories. It is capable of storing data with the required performance, resiliency and data management characteristics for the next generation of data generating use cases.

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  • Innovator


    We are not an IoT platform! We rather provide “plug-n-play” for IoT platforms interoperability, facilitating the interconnection of heterogeneous IoT solutions.
    Not yet part of the INTER-IoT ecosystem? Develop an IoT platform interoperability bridge and join!

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