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    14 September 2017 - updated 11 months ago
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With city lighting accounting for 15% of the world’s electricity consumption, city planners are driven to look for energy-saving technologies for their street lighting systems. To pave the way to meeting the needs of many urban and rural environments regarding energy reduction targets, SixSq has developed a cloud-based application which enables a street lighting system to deliver 30% energy savings. This is just one example of the innovative edge and cloud computing solutions SixSq delivers to the European market.

About the Innovator

SixSq started life in 2007 with the aim of creating amazing software to democratise and facilitate the use of cloud computing. It is now a European reference in cloud and edge computing solutions which are used for markets like IoT, big data, smart cities, government and cyber security, delivering real changes to citizens and organisations. 

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What is the innovation

Cloud computing has revolutionised the business world with its flexible and scalable services. However, it’s not easy to securely manage multiple cloud services, a problem which drove the development of SlipStream, SixSq’s multi-cloud application management platform. SlipStream, whose capabilities were extended in the the EU-funded Cyclone and Scissor projects, is the engine behind two market-ready products, NuvlaBox (a turnkey edge computing and private cloud appliance) and Nuvla (an online application deployment service). Together, they provide a simple and secure solution for Smart City and IoT deployments and ease access to scientific data.

Out of the lab – Into the Market 

SlipStream, Nuvla and NuvlaBox are already used by industry and academia in fields such as open science, broadcasting and critical infrastructure security. SixSq is always looking for the next pain points to address and will continue to leverage its research to the benefit of the market. A perfect example is SixSq’s partnership with a market leader in the field of dynamic lighting systems, which led to the creation of Volumlight, an affordable street lighting solution which brings 30% energy savings.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The EU-funded Horizon 2020 Cyclone and Scissor projects allowed us to significantly extend SlipStream, giving users simple to use, yet sophisticated, features to better control and manage applications in any cloud. The development of the NuvlaBox device added a simple and secure way for end users to benefit from edge and cloud computing. Working with project partners in bioinformatics and energy helped us ensure our technology meets market requirements.