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About the innovator

OPI Photonics is a developer and manufacturer of high-power laser diode modules (fibre pigtailed multi-emitters up to 300W) and of devices for laser beam shaping and delivery (kilowatt laser beam switches, couplers, and adaptive beam shapers). Given its flexible approach and the vocation for R&D, besides for off-the-shelf products, OPI can work with customers in special projects, from the identification of possible solutions to their laser manufacturing-related problems, to production of ad-hoc devices.

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What is the innovation

We have developed a novel “hybrid” optical system for laser additive manufacturing that combines into a single scanning head a continuous laser for metal powder melting and a pulsed laser for surface refinement and functionalization (ablation) through a specialty beam combiner. Moreover, we have introduced a new high-power laser device that allows selecting coarse or fine deposition processes by switching the source among different beam process fibres. Other key laser applications (welding, cutting) can benefit from these innovations.

Out of the lab. Into the market

The laser beam switch and combiner are currently under certification (CE marking) and we plan to fully release them in February 2019. In the meanwhile, after our internal qualification was completed, we have already delivered demo samples to partners and selected customers for in-field validations. This has required also further system layout customizations to meet different application requirements because the developed devices can find other used besides for the additive manufacturing market.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The Borealis project supported our development and pushed us to provide an innovative solution to a real manufacturing problem or to limitations pointed out by the project end-users, which have been the first beta tester of our solutions. This boosted furthermore the interest of other potential customers, thanks also to the project dissemination activity.

This innovation was funded via H2020 project BOREALIS

Team behind the innovation