European Migrant Advisory Board

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    10 September 2018 - updated 2 months ago
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In the presence of several integration policies failing to hit the mark, there is an undeniable need to better manage the involvement of immigrants and refugees in policy-making processes. For this purpose, the Partnership on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees has established the European Migrant Advisory Board (EMAB) as one of its actions.

The Board is a self-led group of advisors with refugee and immigrant backgrounds, working together to increase the participation of refugees and immigrants in different policy-making processes affecting their access to rights

The Board has four objectives:  

  • To present the interest of refugees and immigrants through participation in policy debates and processes at local, national, and European levels;
  • To ensure and promote refugees’ and immigrants’ access to rights;
  • To contribute to building a positive narrative on immigration and asylum;
  • To advise on refugee and immigrant-related policies.

The nine Board members from Amsterdam, Athens, Bamberg, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, Italy, Lisbon and Stockholm provide advice on immigration and asylum-related policies to the Partnership. 

The EMAB wants to contribute to ending all forms of discrimination and stands for universal human rights, equality and equity for all groups, and meaningful political and social participation.

The year 2018 marked the start of the EMAB’s work. Two Board meetings and trainings (5-9 March, Brussels and 14-18 May, Amsterdam) contributed to shaping the Board’s common vision. The Board’s meeting and activities are often organised back-to-back with the Partnership’s meetings, the third Board meeting scheduled for 1-5 October 2018 in Barcelona being a case in point.  

The leader of this Action is the City of Amsterdam.

More details on this Action can be found in the Action Plan. To stay up to date on upcoming editions of the European Migrant Advisory Board, please consult the Partnership website regularly and follow the Urban Agenda for the EU on Twitter @EUUrbanAgenda