Commit your company to Gender balance

This Declaration is a call for action to all corporate leaders of tech and audiovisual companies, enticing them to innovate by creating an inclusive business eco-system open to all.

Equality of women and men is a legally recognised fundamental right for all Europeans, and an essential value for every democracy.

Despite formal recognition and progress made, gender equality in daily life is still not a reality in many fields, a salient example of which is the digital sector and its gender divide.

In the midst of the digital revolution, nearly half of Europe's population – women – is cut off from it. The demand for digital jobs is continuously on the rise, and it cannot be satisfied by men alone. At the same time, women are reluctant to enter the tech industry – for lack of inspiring role models, but also because they feel undervalued or uncomfortable in tech positions.

The Declaration addresses companies of scale and small and medium enterprises.

It is possible for companies to adopt a hands-on approach to close the digital gender divide in skills, inception of technologies, and access and career opportunities.

These companies will transform their businesses through smart, strong leadership.

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