Futurium Log in help

Do you also have problems to log in on Futurium?

This guide will help you to solve them. Futurium is now using a 2 factor authentication. You need 2 pieces of evidence to prove it is you before you can Log in. One of the possible solutions is to use the EU-Login phone application.

Please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Visit the below link and log in with your EU Login password & Login 

Step 2

Hover your mouse over the wheel next to your username and click on My Account.

Click on My Account


Step 3

Click on Manage my mobile devices

Click on Manage my mobile devices


Step 4

Click on Add a mobile device

Click on Add a mobile device


Step 5

Fill in the the fields and submit

Fill in the the fields and submit


Step 6

Install the EU Login app on your mobile phone. Take a browser and search in a search engine: "EU Login App".

Google Play Store (Android)

App Store (iOS)

Windows Store (Windows Phone) 


Step 7

Open the EU Login app and choose for Initialise. Now you need to use the 4 digit PIN code that you entered in Step 4.

Initialise EU Login App


Step 8

Scan this QR code using your EU Login mobile application installed on your mobile device.

Scan QR code


Step 9

Your mobile device is now linked with you EU Login application.

Mobile device is linked


Step 10

Go to https://ec.europa.eu/futurium/ and Click on Log in and Fill in your credentials.

Futurium HP


Step 11

You will receive a notification on your mobile phone “You have a pending authentication request”. Click on this notification. Now your browser will reload the Futurium web page and you will be logged in.

Authentiation success


More help?

Please read the full EU Login manual here. Or contact the Futurium team