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About the innovator

MBN Research Center is an innovative company, focused on the development and testing of new professional computational tools to facilitate the research and development in many areas where new technologies require an accurate scientific understanding of the underlying physical phenomena. It develops the MBN Explorer & MBN Studio software packages, which allow the advanced atomistic computer simulation and design of Meso-Bio-Nano systems, their virtual design, chemistry and interaction with radiation, and, among its numerous applications, facilitate the production of new light sources.

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What is the innovation

The innovation aims at developing of a novel gamma-ray light source (a crystalline undulator) that includes a periodically bent crystal (PBC) exposed to a beam of ultra-relativistic particles. The advances have been achieved towards several key directions:

  • Improvement in the technologies for manufacturing PBC;
  • Developing techniques for characterization of PBC;
  • Development of high-quality beam of ultra-relativistic electrons;
  • Advanced algorithms and computer codes for crystalline structure modelling and optimization, simulation of particles propagation, calculation of spectral-angular distribution of the radiation.

Out of the lab. Into the market

Explorer & MBN Studio, already commercialised. This software allows the virtual design and atomistic simulation of advanced materials to be exploited in many applications including new light sources, nanofabrication techniques, and nanomedicine, among many others. Within the PEARL project, the software has been already used for guiding the design and understanding the properties of the novel gamma-ray light source known as the crystalline undulator.
The atomistic approach implemented in MBN Explorer, combined with modern numerical algorithms, advanced computational facilities and computing technologies makes the predictive power of the software comparable or maybe even higher than the accuracy achievable experimentally. Thus, the computational modeling becomes a tool that could substitute (or become an alternative to) expensive laboratory experiments, and thus reduce the experimental and technological costs.

Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The participation in the framework programme has helped MBN Research Center to work towards the realisation of the new light source and has given the opportunity to apply and test its software in the context of an exciting real application, showing the power and the high actual value of these new computational tools. This goes in the direction of achieving the goals of MBN Research Center in helping in the development of new science and technology with the assistance of new advanced simulation packages.

This innovation was funded via H2020 project PEARL

Team behind the innovation