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Eduado Medeiros (editor)
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Dear friends,

I leave in this Forum the information regarding a book entitled "European Territorial Cooperation: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to the Process and Impacts of Cross-Border and Transnational Cooperation in Europe" published by Springer this year (necessary purchase on available platforms).

As seen below, the book content is not only updated, but it covers both theoretical and practical information regarding cross-border and transnational cooperation processes in Europe, as it includes authors associated with EU mainstream CBC Associations, INTERREG-A and B Programmes, and the academia:  

Part 1    Lessons from 30 years of EU territorial cooperation

2       The INTERREG experience in bridging European territories. A 30 year summary
        Bernard Reitel, Birte Wassenberg & Jean Peyrony

3       The added value of European Territorial Cooperation (ETC). Drawing from case-studies
        Martin Guillermo-Ramirez

4       Twenty Years of Territorial Cooperation in Inner Scandinavia. Drawing from case-studies
        Erik Hagen & Bjørn Terje Andersen

5       The European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) role in EU Cohesion Policy
          Eduardo Medeiros

Part 2    Cross-Border Cooperation in the EU. A success story? 

6       Border regions and cross-border cooperation in Europe. A theoretical and historical approach 
        Thomas Lundén

7       Discussing the Persisting border obstacles in the EU
        Péter Balogh & Sara Svensson

8       The role and rise of European cross-border entities
        Emily Lange & Iva Pires

Part 3  Transnational Cooperation. A cornerstone of European Spatial Planning?

9       The rise of the Macro-Regions in Europe
        Franziska Sielker & Daniel Rauhut

10     The INTERREG-B impacts on development and cohesion: the case of the INTERREG III-B North-West Europe
       Ruut Louwers

Part 4    Future scenarios for European Territorial Cooperation

11     The EGTC: a new institutional cooperation paradigm. Lessons Learned
       Estelle Evrard & Engl Alice

12     Establishing Cross-Border Planning 
       Frédéric Durand & Antoine Decoville

13     Focusing on cross-border territorial impacts 
       Eduardo Medeiros

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