Netherlands - Media Ukkie Campaign 2020: 'Book, site, app: play together on the web'

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    7 March 2020 - updated 7 months ago
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Friday, 27 March, 2020 - 00:00 to Friday, 3 April, 2020 - 23:00
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During the 'Media Ukkie Dagen' campaign from March 27th - April 3rd, the central theme is media literacy in the education of the youngest children (aged 0-6). Parents and caretakers are provided with tips and tools to use media in a fun and safe way, together with their child.

This year's theme is: Book, site, app: play together on the web

Usually, organizations such as libraries, day care centres, centres for youth & family and primary schools, provide help with activities throughout the country. This year, because of the situation around the coronavirus, many of the 100+ activities are cancelled or postponed and the campaign will only take place online. 

In these unusual times, many young families will make use of media. For many children, the extra screen time is great fun. But as a parent, you'll also want to return to 'normal' later on. During these times, you can make use of media in a fun and safe way, together with your child. The Dutch Media Literacy Netwerk offers tips and advice regarding the most asked questions around media education. 

During the campaign, new research on the media use of young children will be presented. 

For more information see (in Dutch). The Media Ukkie Dagen campaign is an initiative by the Dutch Media Literacy Network