Malta - Practical Approaches to Media Literacy, Free Course for Educators

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How can I adjust the pedagogy of teaching media literacy to inspire student discussions on global issues, and their critical evaluation of media content?


By the end of this course, you will obtain novel approaches in teaching media literacy to young people, enhanced with inventive tools to set up classroom media centre. You will feel empowered to address issues of fake news, media bias, information overload, and critically assess media landscape within your youth network. It enables you to motivate youth to “take control” of the media they consume and become active creators of the media content.  Young people you work with will be inspired by media in action, and practical approaches to media literacy.


Martin Debattista is a digital media and digital education academic, writer and strategist. With graduate studies in Malta and post-graduate studies in the UK, he is a senior academic at the Institute of Tourism Studies (Malta) and a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta. Martin has a long experience in electronic and digital media production and copywriting, being considered a pioneer in Maltese online journalism. He currently focuses on digital education and e-learning and is an advocate of open education and connected learning in formal, non-formal and informal environments.


Knowledge Innovation Centre, as part of Media in Action project co-financed by European Commission Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology as part of the Pilot Project – Media Literacy For All