Greece - EKOME's Actions and Synergies on Media Literacy

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The National Centre of Audiovisual Media & Communication (EKOME SA) is celebrating the 1st EU Media Literacy Week with a series of awareness and intervention actions towards a media informed citizen. Actions that run throughout the week of 18-22 March and after focus on:

Week 18-22 March. Media Literacy Week Awareness Campaign through EKOME’s social media on events, actions and news that highlight the importance of media literacy for an informed citizenship against disinformation. In the same context, EKOME contributed with an article on media literacy, introducing its new actions and strategy on the audiovisual and media industry (Issue 19, March 19th) in the media academic Journal “Dimosiografia”. The Journal is published by Advanced Media Institute, as the Greek version of US Journal “Columbia Journalism Review”.

Monday, March 18th. School visits to EKOME and the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and the Media. EKOME launches a pilot school visits program where students of primary and secondary education were guided to read text, image and sound with a critical eye, in order to be able to inform themselves and approach information society through media literacy. The program was launched with the first school visit from the “The Art Gymnasium of Drapetsona”, from secondary education. Students had the chance to watch a short documentary film on modern Greek history and contemplate on its inner meanings and structure. At a second level, they benefited from the visit to the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and the Media Library’s archives of old newspapers that guided them around to help them plan their own audiovisual creation.

Tuesday, March 26th. Presentation of the new book volume “Media Literacy: In search of its Meaning and Functions” (2018) by Advanced Media Institute, media research organization in Cyprus. The book presentation will be followed by an open discourse among acclaimed media professionals and experts in the field on media literacy, discussing on its critical role in the information age.

Student Contest on Media and Information Literacy (2018-2019). EKOME is among the co-organizers of the 1st student contest under the title “Your Story is your Hometown’s Story” with the Department of Educational Radiotelevision & Digital Media of the Ministry of Education, the General Library Council and the Faculty of Archivist, Librarians and Museums of Ionian University. The initiative is part of the newly-formed UNESCO GAPMIL European Sub-chapter Mediterranean Group, co-ordinated by EKOME. In the first year of implementation (school year 2018-2019), students of secondary education are invited to practice themselves into the creative and narrative use of user generated content (own short films, digital products) taking part at the same time, to the preservation of historical evidence and archives, advance their research skills and practice themselves into critical thinking and learn by doing educational method of media literacy.

More news about EKOME:

White Paper on Media & Information Literacy. EKOME also, presented its first policy paper, the White Paper on Media & Information Literacy which illustrates EKOME’s viewpoint on the third pillar, Education, setting out a paradigm for a national infrastructure on media and information literacy. By highlighting the main priorities in the field, the White Paper of EKOME aims to contribute to a national strategic plan and build a constructive relationship with the creative industry.

New partnership with UNESCO and GAPMIL- Global Alliance for Partnerships in Media and Information Literacy. EKOME launched a new partnership with the educational network GAPMIL, run by UNECO, in October 25th 2018, in Lithuania, at the 8th UNESCO International Conference on Media and Information Literacy. The partnership involves the coordination of GAPMIL European Sub-Chapter Mediterranean Group by EKOME, with the aim to promote MIL skills as basic component for the 21st century citizen in Southern Europe.

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