Gong's Media Literacy Education Session - Read Between the Lines

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    Monika Valečić
    22 February 2019 - updated 2 years ago
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Date & time: 
Thursday, 21 March, 2019 - 14:00 to Saturday, 23 March, 2019 - 14:00
Ulica Otokara Keršovanija 4
31000 Osijek

An iteration of the Gong's standard media literacy module within the educational program for educators and teachers of Croatia will be held in March, in the city of Osijek.

The module aims to equip teachers to properly educate and inform their students about the significance and aspects of media literacy today. The purpose of training teachers through this non-formal educational program is to enable them to have a better understanding of how the media operates, not only in Croatia, but on global social and from political perspective as well. In addition, the aim of the module is to develop the necessary competencies of teachers in order for them to educate and inform their students about the media. Developing a critical perception towards media content should encourage students and educators to understand the role of civic activism and to recognize the relationship between the media and the making of public policy.

The educational program includes topics like the right to information and the media as a source of information, the promotion and violating rights (especially when talking about youth and the influence of media), appropriate, responsible and safe use of the Internet and critical reading. Various sections of the training include content on advertising, trust in the media, media landscape and media systems, hate speech, stereotypes and prejudices and the media scene in Croatia and its neighborhood.