Rules for dealing with artificial intelligence in companies

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    Marcel Isbert
    11 May 2020
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For the use of artificial intelligence in companies, preliminary rules for the internal and external use of AI should be established. There is often a lack of AI experts in companies who can develop an AI strategy. 

My best practice tips from my experience in large and small companies. Here are some examples of the rules for dealing with AI from some companies. I have established the rules with the board of directors and managing directors. Furthermore, all co-determination employees were involved at an early stage. 

- AI must not harm any group or individuals. 

- The AI use must not allow a person to be discriminated against by the use of an AI system 

- The AI system must be correctable by experts. 

- The underlying data should be adaptable and revised in every situation 

- An AI system requires clean data quality and constant control by AI experts 

- The data should be checked and validated by the AI experts before each import into the AI system

- For a high data quality, a clean and transparent approach to the training (supervised learning) of the AI system should be chosen

- The AI system is not used to discriminate against or exclude individual customers or groups of people 

- The AI system is used to support decisions and is not an autonomous system

- The AI experts should put their own stamp (branding) on the data analysed with the AI!

- The AI system is used for data-based decision


This creates transparency and acceptance of the AI in companies