AI development in EU

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    Jozef Svitek
    1 August 2018
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AI is the next stage of digital evolution that can lead to major economic and social benefits. It holds great potential for increasing productivity in existing industries, enabling completely new business models and creating wholly new products and services. AI investment is growing fast in recent years and machine learning has matured to the point that it can be applied widely, covering a broad range of technologies and applications. US, China, UK, South Korea and some other countries have issued national strategic plans in AI development. As stated in The Global Artificial Intelligence Landscape (, the dominance of US, Chinese and Israel companies in AI is prevailing.

The leading country for Artificial Intelligence in Europe is UK followed by Germany and France. AI ecosystems in EU are distributed unevenly, aforementioned countries account for over 50 % of the European total. AI`s value is underestimated in many European countries. Thus, it is understandable to expect higher “inertia” to move such a complex system of countries (…and governments).

It is important for EU to use AI competence in leveraging its industrial expertise. To remain competitive, EC should give a priority to AI and play a coordinating role in its development.  It is crucial for EU to have common strategic plan. EC should encourage governments of EU countries to act in increasing uptake of AI. What we need is a combination of education, research, entrepreneurship and funding to build a sustainable and competitive AI ecosystem. All these ingredients are available in EU, they just need more focus to different aspect of AI.