Networks meeting

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    Maxine Sundara
    20 November 2019 - updated 1 year ago
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The three policy networks (National Europass Centres, Euroguidance Centres, EQF National Contact Points) met on 15 November 2019 for a joint meeting in Brussels. Refer to the presentations made during the event for more details.

They discussed the following topics: 

  • communication around the launch of the new Europass;
  • providing information on learning opportunities, qualifications, qualifications frameworks, recognition practices, validation and guidance;
  • developments on national qualifications frameworks; and 
  • preliminary results of the study on ‘Lifelong guidance policy and practice in the EU: trends, challenges and opportunities’ and changing guidance needs; 

Centres reported on progress made on developing their national databases or creating single integrated databases at the national level. Participants stressed that more guidance is needed on how to provide information, particularly on learning opportunities, and on how to communicate about the new Europass, including the new visual style and key messages. Work on guiding documents was welcomed by the centres.

Various countries are working on opening up their national qualifications frameworks to new qualifications (e.g. non-formal/regional/international qualifications) and revising existing qualifications frameworks to reflect changes in the qualifications landscape.

Euroguidance centres stressed that career and learning paths are becoming less linear. This calls for more individualised and targeted guidance and a more user-need approach to be able to best support people going through multiple transitions in their life. Cooperation at both European and national level remains crucial to develop comprehensive lifelong guidance systems.