The Value of Storage for the Clean Energy Transition, Bruxelles

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    2 November 2017 - updated 8 months ago
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Date & time: 
7 December 2017
Rue des Tanneurs 58
1000 Bruxelles

The conference organized by Eurelectric and held in Brussels is set to explore the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and seek to maximise the potential of energy storage, not only for the power sector but also for industry at large.

Energy storage is gaining huge momentum with rapidly expanding companies, full commercialisation of technologies, declining costs and increasing customer adaptation. These signal its growing impact on the energy transition. Advances in Europe’s climate and energy policies, market developments and constant innovation, mean that this surge is set to continue.

Part of the discussions will take the form of “Technology Battles” where power companies and manufacturers will be invited to present state of the art solutions and report on innovation developments.