Disruptive micro-energy storage technologies

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    Julian Ellis
    17 November 2017
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This initiative seeks radically new approaches to energy for embedded, personal or local use (including bio-mimicking, the use of soft or intelligent materials to generate, capture or store energy or the development of new types of batteries). Proposals could target in particular the lower end (i.e., micro-energy or nano-scale energy transfer, dissipation and conversion) and/or new technologies for optimal local (close to where-needed) energy storage/release and their smart integration within hybrid/distributed energy systems. Proposals should also address aspects of sustainability and environmental impact.

Want to do a project on this? The FET Proactive call for proposals on this topic is now open. The deadline is 22 March 2018. For further information check out the FET Proactive topic web page. You can also use this platform to build connections, to share ideas, and to benefit from other's expertise.