On the road to becoming a Smart Citizen

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    14 July 2017 - updated 12 months ago
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Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung
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Digital competences are necessary to allow all people to have a share in the increasing networking and digitisation of the city, also known as the Smart City.

But what competences are required to keep up with digitised private and professional worlds, digital transport and energy systems, urban services and online trading? Who has those skills? Where do the competent onliners live? Where are the (as yet) digital outsiders located? How can lacking skills be developed and encouraged? Which places are suitable for a digital education offensive? And how is life-long learning achieved?

This brochure names the current challenges of digital inclusion, describes the skills required by a Smart Citizen and attempts to locate those skills geographically. Last but not least, it describes tools aimed at developing competences in a targeted way.