Better Knowledge - Draft Action 12: Implementing the digital framework for emerging technologies within the digital infrastructure

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There are several technologies emerging in the upcoming years (e.g. virtual reality, augmented reality, 5G, machine learning) which cities will benefit from in facing the challenges; the potential of the new technologies are promising in helping us in our Urban goals, but there are challenges in implementation and new risks we face as a society.   Local and global governments need to re-define their role and position in the time to come where it concerns digitalisation of cities and their citizens. They will have to reconsider existing laws and regulations, think about the ethics (what city you want to be?) as well as their own activities and roles in a whole new way. Next to that the data transformation will provide opportunities to explore new business models where citizens start to taking profit of the full value of their data. However cities need to safeguard the public interest to make sure the benefits of the data will come back to the citizens.

These new technologies will force cities to think about how to implement these technologies to reach to full potential and safeguard the public interest. There are two main challenges to solve; what do cities need to do (and invest) to create an adaptive digital infrastructure? And how can you implement new technologies on this digital infrastructure (including safeguarding the public interest)?


To help cities implementing the new digital infrastructure we work on the following deliverables within this action:

  • We build a (dynamic) digital framework which helps cities & countries to implement the new technologies (from ethical, technical, procurement & legislation perspective) within European boundaries and to deliver continuous input for European legislation. This instrument is practical and easy to use; for cities that are frontrunners as well as followers.
  • A white label for cities how to implement (and invest) in digital infrastructure for your city. Within cities there are a lot of examples of the implementation of smart neighbourhoods and what is necessary for cities to work on to become digital and safeguard the public interest.


The action will deliver the following results:

  • A practical digital framework for cities & countries to implement new technologies which will deliver constant input on EU legislation during 2020-2024.
  • An implementation strategy digital infrastructure based on a white label which helps cities to implement a digital infrastructure which is adaptive for new digital technologies.
  • A funding report of the investment which is necessary to implement a digital infrastructure based on the white label.
  • Input for European legislation and funding regarding new technologies.


To implement the action the main focus is on knowledge sharing and communication; the tools and instruments are there they need to be extracted. We need to have support in 4 parts:

  • support on the coordination and steering,
  • marketing and communication,
  • development budget of the digital framework and white label,
  • Action leader, partners.


The following steps in time will be followed:

  1. Defining the digital framework and white label, including the overview of all developments which is already done - Q1 & Q2 2018.
  2. Defining the assignment for the funding report and assigning to a research partner for the white label - Q1 2018
  3. Developing the digital framework and white label for implementing digital infrastructure - Q3 & Q4 2018 and Q1 2019
  4. Developing the funding report of the investment which is necessary to implement the digital infrastructure within the EU-  Q4 2018
  5. Start with the 5 living labs on 5 Q2 2018 - end 2019
  • bring together the multilayered networks and defining the local implementation,
  • strategy within the living labs Q2 & Q3 2018,
  • testing and implementation of 5G solutions within the living labs - Q4 2018 & 2019.

Action leader

Eindhoven and Oulu.


The following partners will be involved which are necessary to be successful:

  • Europe; DG connect, Knowledge society forum, Epson and ENoLL
  • Countries/cities; to see which cities want to join

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