Better Funding - Action 15: Strengthen the ability for cities to act within the digital transition

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    5 February 2018 - updated 6 months ago
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Digital transition revolutionises the European urban landscape. The challenge is how to find financing tools which enable true transition, accelerating the adoption of new processes and solutions in cities.

The funding tools should support multi-disciplinary approach. Multi-disciplinary execution challenges funding programmes as funding is needed to link different types of actions and investment types; it is not enough to invest in IT infrastructure.

Digital transition is also a long-term process, and it takes time to deliver the promise. The promise of a digital transformation is a combination of better and more accessible service with lower operating costs. At the same time, the set time-frame to reach expected results is not realistic. This means that it is challenging to create a budget for digital transition processes’ initiatives for a multi-year complex, cross-functional digitalisation process.


Development of a Digital Transition Funding Programme that enables diversified projects, combining many sectors and a wide range of measures. To take into account different maturity levels in cities, there will be benchmark/proof of concept tool/database and mentoring to help applicants to apply for funds. Another aspect in resourcing of digitalisation is to supporting replication of implementations which have proven results.


Framework to be proposed to the European Commission for a funding programme to support cities in digital transition. Framework will include proposals for financing from Multi-annual financial framework, including Cohesion policy and Digital Europe initiative. Within Cohesion policy, financing from both Policy objective 1 and urban development funds, including support to Urban Agenda for the EU, will be foreseen. Digitalisation should be a priority also for Horizon funds 2020+ if Europe wants to be become the forerunner of exploitation of digitalisation in the world.


Preparation of the proposal on how to fund digitalisation from Multi-annual financial framework 2021-2027, based on cities’ needs and how cities could maximise the benefits from digital transformation.


  • Q3/2018 – Preparing the funding framework
  • Q3/2018 – Proposal to European Commission
  • Q1-Q4/2019 – Piloting the funding structure

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