10 principles for good data

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    William MEJIA
    4 April 2019 - updated 1 year ago
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The public space in cities have become more and more digitalised; its governance is becoming a priority for local governments. Recently, the EUROCITIES knowledge society forum felt the urgency for a more socially responsible use of data-generated knowledge to improve the efficiency of public services. Therefore, KSF members elaborated 10 principles on citizen data to give guidance to European local governments but also companies, academia and citizens on how to use personal and non-personal data generated in the public digital sphere to improve urban life. The principles were officially launched by John Jorritsma, Mayor of Eindhoven, last Thursday at the KSF meeting in Eindhoven.  

Local governments are already implementing those principles in their local jurisdictions. Through several funded projects but also policy and legal initiatives and activities cities are making sure that concrete steps are taking place. Following the launch of the principles, examples from Eindhoven, Barcelona, Edinburgh and Zaragoza were presented and discussed with all KSF members and external parties in a panel debate.

For European local governments it is important the citizen data principles will be taken into account and used to shape future EU policies and legislation.


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