Action 7: Hub and platform for resilience of cultural heritage in urban framework

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Currently there are a lot of initiatives about initiatives of enhancement of urban heritage, on the national and European levels. A lot of information is currently dispersed on different websites and other sources.

Urban developers are thinking in economic values. They do not perceive the hidden/indirect economic value of cultural heritage. As a consequences cultural heritage may disappear. The action starts from the need to create a web space devoted to experiences of heritage enhancement that can be considered as inspiring action. These tools should also promote reflections on ways to promote and connect the business sector that has capital to invest in qualitative “Transformation, adaptive reuse or urban reconversion of cultural and natural heritage” for the needs (offices and production spaces) instead of investing in low-quality business buildings that create sprawl.

These dialogue tools should also identify why the business sector prefers the latter option and how can we convince them to invest in cultural and natural heritage by identifying convergences among public and private interest.

People may think that intervention on cultural heritage might to generate loss of value. Most of the time intervention is necessary to preserve heritage. The platform should show examples to make it clear that any conservation needs somehow a structured idea to integrate the heritage in a wider context of relationship and meaning.

At the urban level, a strategy for the correct use and management of heritage is not always seen as an integrated framework. A web based platform for urban managers could be useful to promote and share best practices on adaptive reuse models, and to help in identify and promote urban innovative projects on cultural heritage reconversion.


The goal is to create an online, multi-linguistic platform where cities and other stakeholders can upload good examples. This tool will allow to concentrate all relevant information in one place, including the results achieved by the Partnership of UAEU.

The portal should be promoted as a “convergence hub” for urban policies based on cultural resources. In this view, the portal should deepen the financial and economic aspects related to the practices collected, in order to foster their transferability through European cites, by assessing procedures, bottlenecks, enabling conditions, cost and returns on investments: an advanced assessment of practices.


The action is aimed at setting up a living and interactive web - based online multilinguistic platform collecting "good examples" ( This can be all sort of projects/actions linked to adaptive re-use and temporary use (i.e. studies, initiatives, re-used buildings/places ...).

The platform might include devoted sections (i.e. legislative, financial, etc.) to offer solutions for specific needs, such as: investigate how EU VAT-regulation and product regulation can stimulate re-use.

The action will produce:

  • A web-based platform model
  • A permanent Network of participants
  • A Board for the management of the Platform and for the review and analysis of practices of urban policies based on heritage enhancement

The structure of the Action can be shaped in three main activities:

Activity 1) Survey of platforms and examples, glossary, information gathering, methodology definition

Survey of the scope for good practices, national initiatives and legislative national frameworks, like the national laws of preservation, protection of heritage and urban landscape.

Activity 2) Platform design and setup

Definition of the platform architecture with devoted sections to practices, regulations, tools, programmes, communication activities, cultural initiatives related to the subject, activity programme of the partnership and of single partner, showroom of results achieved by other partners and partnership etc.

Activity 3) Deployment of the platform

The platform should be hosted by a Partner and fed by the Partnership.

Partners involved

Action Leader: to be defined

Partners: Germany, Cyprus, Flanders Heritage

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