Action 3: "CHIME – Cultural Hubs for Innovation, Modernisation and Enhancement"

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There is a lack of physical spaces to experiment with culture creation and artistic expression, especially in city centres and gentrified neighbourhoods, which is furthermore a handicap when it comes to job creation in and around the cultural and creative industries and an ever increasing vulnerability of self-employed artists, many in precarious working conditions, especially during the COVID-19 situation, as they lack institutional or other regulatory framework(s) and support for entrepreneurship. At the same time, citizen participation, especially when working on urban regeneration, does not allow for much experimentation, even less so when regarding culture and cultural heritage.


To create and implement “CHIME”; Cultural Hubs for Innovation, Modernisation and Enhancement ("Cultural Testing Tubes"), creative hubs that constitute a platform to strengthen artistic production and innovation, improving working conditions and promoting a structural framework for self-employed artists, granting spaces, support and feedback whilst promoting participation and transparency in cultural management, by using programmes for co-creating and managing cultural activities, activating physical spaces and boosting the local cultural and creative sectors generating a testing and support framework.

These Cultural Testing Tubes, not to be confused with existing “hubs” or “labs”, are to support the local economy and cultural offer, creating ideas and new content, composing, designing, writing, performing, etc. in supporting self-employed artists, creators and designers in their cultural micro-enterprises, generating a creative value chain, offering tools, spaces and support/advice. An estimated 50 new initiatives can be tested, proven and, if satisfactory, replicated per year.

Focussing on the testing in terms of technical/economic viability, self-sustainability or commercialisation potential with a long-term programme for financing, but also providing working spaces, materials, information, support, advice/guidance, etc. to “test” projects and proposals, following the pattern of living labs, but with a deepened focus on cultural involvement of young people, neighbours and entrepreneurs on the field of cultural sectors.

This will generate an urban cultural hub activating local networks of economic fabric and establishing a permanent cultural network both within the city and among cities (an "intercity" network), promoting culture at the local level as a means to enhance local identities, economic development and the quality of the urban environment. The hub will be launching its own calls for citizen proposals and pilot implementation and will increase the matching between different sources of the generating and funding of cultural initiatives.


A cultural reactivation and job creation model based on "Cultural Testing Tubes" called “CHIME”; Cultural Hubs for Innovation, Modernisation and Enhancement comprehending:

  • Cultural model for CHIME (including guidelines on how to integrate CHIME into the local/regional cultural strategy),
  • Manual/Guidelines for setting up CHIME,
  • Approach to cultural reactivation and job creation,
  • Management Model for CHIME,
  • Methods and models for idea/content/output generation (recompilation),
  • Guidelines and tools for artist support,
  • Guidelines and tools for digitalisation,
  • Process outline: from test to business model,
  • Citizen participation and engagement strategy/model,
  • Design and implementation of pilot actions,
  • Tools for analysis, monitoring and evaluation,
  • Good practice recompilation,
  • Local/Regional Network of CHIMEs,
  • European Network of CHIMEs,
  • Proposal for a European framework to protect artists/creators,
  • Input for a European strategy to promote citizen engagement in culture creation and testing.

Partners involved

Action leader: City of Murcia

Members: Canary Islands, City of Ljubljana, Eurocities

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