Action 11: Identification of cities’ research needs on cultural services and culture for social inclusion

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Local cultural policies and activities constantly need to be updated in order to adapt to citizens’ needs and wishes, to changing populations, to changing demography, to new cultural trends and technologies and to society changes in general (the recent lockdown period is a good example that should be kept in mind). If not, there is a big risk that local cultural programmes will only reach a small part of citizens. It is therefore important that local policy makers (those who develop and fund cultural policies and activities) are aware of latest trends and research results in terms of culture and heritage (participation, conservation, new behaviors, etc.).

Many studies and research on culture and cultural heritage are being conducted and funded, including at the EU level. However, how can we ensure that these are known to local policy makers and are the ones that are important for them ?


Cities are frontline actors when it comes to developing and supporting cultural policies. We want to ensure a good match between local administrations’ needs and the content of studies and research that will be conducted in the coming years. To this end, we propose to identify cities’ specific research needs. This will be done by asking local administrations on which topics linked to culture and social inclusion they feel they need to improve their knowledge to develop better local cultural policies and activities.

It is likely that different types of research needs will be identified: research around questions that are temporarily relevant and those that are relevant in the longer term.

This would be helpful to better plan future EU calls for proposals on research, and to guarantee that results of these research projects are used at the local level to improve local cultural policies. Such research projects would usefully be conducted by universities in cooperation with cities and local stakeholders.


The proposed output is a list of precise research topics whose results would help cultural leaders from city administrations to develop local cultural policies that are innovative and take into account the most updated research results.

This list will be very useful when the EC prepares future calls for proposals for studies and research programmes, as it will guarantee that the researches initiatives that will be financed at the EU-level will inform local policy making.

Partners involved

Action Leader: Eurocities

Members: City of Espoo, City of Berlin, City of Florence

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