Time to make use of the new trust services

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    29 June 2016 - updated 4 years ago
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On 1 July 2016, the new rules on trust services under the eIDAS Regulation come into effect in the 28 EU Member States repealing the 17 year-old eSignature Directive and modernising the legal framework for trust services.

As of this date, citizens and private sector can enjoy a strengthened legal certainty, security and convenience in online transactions by making use of the cross-border recognition of electronic trust services such as:

  • Electronic signature – the electronic equivalent of a written signature;
  • Time stamping – the date and time on an electronic document which proves that the document existed at a point-in-time and that it has not changed since then;
  • Electronic seal – the electronic equivalent of a seal or stamp which is applied on a document to guarantee its origin and integrity;
  • Electronic delivery – a service that, to a certain extent, is the equivalent in the digital world of registered mail in the physical world;
  • Website authentication – trusted information on a website (e.g. a certificate) which allows users to verify the authenticity of the website and its link to the entity/person owning the website;
  • Legal admissibility of electronic documents to ensure their authenticity and integrity.

In addition, an EU trust mark becomes available to clearly differentiate qualified trust services from other trust services and thus contribute to transparency in the market.

Tell us how you think trust services can bring value and convenience to your activities? What are the challenges you still face and on which you may want to exchange experience with others?