Is there an effective methodology to support innovation in and through the public sector?

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    17 April 2017 - updated 3 years ago
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In the modern troubled times, where the crisis but also opportunities for innovation co-exist, the public sector must not only react to the crisis, but also pro-actively solve problems and seek new opportunities for value creation. As a consequence, its role is changing from what is known so far, to one that must also embrace a strategic and systematic effort to innovate. In fact, in addition to the public sector’s role in catalysing innovation in the wider economy, there is an urgent need to power innovation within the public sector itself in order to achieve productivity and efficiency gains, foster the creation of public value and better respond to societal challenges.

The SONNETS Innovation Identification Framework , a key outcome of the SONNETS project ( is an innovative methodological framework that will accelerate the transformation of the public sector into an innovation breeding carrier. The goal of the SONNETS Framework is twofold and lies insupporting innovation both in the public sector – with either internal or external focus, targeting the former’s modernization , and through the public sector with a focus on other policy domains, pursuing its transformation into an innovation driver.

The Framework emphasizes the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a key enabler for innovation and pursues its goal by means of coupling findings on emerging ICTs and trends with insights on current societal challenges and needs.

Our intention, by means of the framework application, is to highlight the gaps between the identified societal and public sector needs and the identified technological opportunities. Hence, the “SONNETS Innovation Identification Framework for the Public Sector” consists of seven main steps:


The SONNETS Innovation Identification Framework is guiding the innovation identification activities within the SONNETS work-plan, but can also be used as a self-standing innovation framework for the public sector. For further details on this ambitious framework, click here: