Report on WeGovNow

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    Judit Hernandez
    27 March 2017
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Recommendations concerning on-going and future work: 

WeGovNow is a project with a very good idea and that can be very useful in the environment of electronic citizen participation in the public services and creation of new ways of delivery of public services as well as the detection of needs of new services. From my point of view, WeGovNow project could have a high impact but I think it is necessary to be very precise and have many key factors in mind (administrative ICT legislation, systems interoperability, training, stakeholder management) for its proper implementation. With an adequate implementation, new ways of e-participation, new public services, simplification of administrative procedures can be established. So WeGovNow could be act as a single platform which would be the only entry point to any administration for processing and interaction, in which the processes followed a very similar flow, although in this case it would probably be necessary regulation by the administrations.
However, as the draft documents project is raised, I see difficulty in being able to be adopted by public administrations because certain basic processes common to all administrations in almost all sectors are not having into account in the project and are not defined. I think that as an improvement to facilitate implementation it might be interesting to categorize certain basic services offered by public administrations in order to unify services, since many of the services of public administrations are basic and common to many sectors, such as Electronic registration, aid applications, publication of events, etc., which would be generic for most use cases. I think that this simple improvement would facilitate the adoption of the system by the administrations. So, as a suggestion it would propose to unify the common processes to the use cases in order to standardize them as core of the system and to establish, on the other hand, the specific ones that are needed for each use case in each sector and administration. In addition, this categorization would allow citizens' opinions to be collected in a more orderly manner and generate ontological knowledge, which can help improve services on the part of the administration based on the needs of citizens, which is the ultimate goal of e -participation.
On the other hand, in the documents there is little reference to the interoperability of systems in public administrations and regulations, which seems to me a key element in integrating with other existing systems or between public administrations.