eNASCO: Removal and blocking of child abuse images ('child pornography')

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    26 April 2015 - updated 2 years ago
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Child abuse material has rapidly increased in prevalence on the internet, and the severity of the abuse shown in the images is worsening. Sexual abuse can have a devastating effect on children and can impact on people throughout their lives.

When images of the abuse are put on the internet, and may be replicated and downloaded an unlimited number of times, the knowledge that this is happening has an additional effect on the victims involved.

Removing child abuse image sites from the internet completely is more desirable than people in just some countries being prevented from accessing them. However, until removal is 100% effective, blocking access to child abuse images must also be used as one of the tools that the EU promotes and adopts in combating online child abuse images and protecting the victims from re-victimisation and further trauma.