Quantum flagship - online consultation on the QUTE consensus paper and scientific roadmap

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    18 October 2016 - updated 2 years ago
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The High Level Steering Committee for the Quantum Technologies Flagship has decided, as result of their first meeting, to initiated a consultation process in order to collect the community consensus about the possible structure and governance of the Flagship.

During the first HLSC meeting, on the 20th September, T. Calarco presented the following documents:

  • The Quantum Technologies scientific roadmap, which is the result of the process initiated by the ERA-Pilot initiative in 2005 and now in its 9th version, and has been edited by the members of the QT Virtual Institutes¬†and Virtual Facilities.
  • A consensus report resulting from the work QUTE Flagship Working Group (members listed at the end of the report), which was nominated last June by the Strategic Advisory Board of the Coordination Action QUTE-Europe;

The documents can be retrieved HERE along with a description of the QUTE Flagship Working Group and of the four people (T. Debuisschert, T. Strohm, R. Thew, F. Wilhelm-Mauch) who are currently moderating the group, following the nomination of T. Calarco to the HLSC. (NB: to access the page, you must be logged into your QUROPE account)

In order to participate, you can provide your feedback on the above documents via this form by October 25th;

The results of the consultation will be presented at the Quantum Technologies Flagship workshop, which has been organised for the 10th November 2016. The event will see the participation of 170 representatives from the QT field. While the registrations are already closed, it will be possible to follow the workshop in streaming and to interact via chat. Please check regularly on QUROPE.COM: we will announce there the details of the stream.

The HLSC members will be present at the workshop, and will use the resulting outcomes as an input in view of preparing its recommendations to the EC.