Preparing for the 10th Internet Governance Forum: exchange of views with European business and civil society

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Date & time: 
Friday, 9 October, 2015 - 09:30 to 12:00

This will be the last IGF meeting of the ten year period since it was established by the WSIS process (World Summit on Information Society) and will take place in João Pessoa, Brazil, on 10-13 November 2015. The theme is "The Evolution of Internet Governance: empowering sustainable development", with more than 100 sessions on eight sub-themes covering:  Cybersecurity and Trust; Internet Economy; Inclusiveness and Diversity; Openness; Enhancing Multistakeholder Cooperation; Internet and Human Rights; Critical Internet Resources; Emerging Issues.

As IGF 2015 marks the 10th Anniversary of the IGF, a number of sessions will review its evolution and ways and means to improve and strengthen the multistakeholder model of internet governance, including proposals to develop more "tangible outputs" (Best Practice Fora, Dynamic Coalitions, Policy menus to connect the next billion Internet users etc.)

The European Union will, as usual, be well represented  by the European Commission (VP Ansip) and Members of the European Parliament (at least seven) and by many representatives from Member State governments. However, an even stronger and more incisive presence and involvement of European business and civil society is key to ensuring that the multistakeholder model works well. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the EU role in the further evolution and strengthening of the Internet Governance Forum takes into account all voices. In preparation of this important meeting, you are kindly invited for an exchange of information and views on on-going global discussions on Internet governance.

The meeting will be chaired by Megan Richards, Principal Adviser at DG CONNECT and Head of the Internet Governance Taskforce.

To register, please send an email to mentioning the subject "Internet Governance" and indicating if you will join in person or remotely,  by Tuesday 6 October.

The European Commission is interested in the key messages you would like to be delivered in João Pessoa, as well as details on your engagement/participation in the IGF. Interested stakeholders are welcome to provide input through this page. (You first have to register in this website, it will only take 1 minute! Click on "Sign Up" at the top right of this page)

Draft Agenda

1.    Internet governance - taking stock of latest developments and looking ahead to upcoming global discussions

Debrief by the European Commission and exchange of information and views with participants

a. IANA transition and ICANN accountability

b. World Summit on Information Society (WSIS+10 review)

c. The future of the IGF

2.    Preparations for the Internet Governance Forum in João Pessoa

Debrief by the European Commission and exchange of information and views with participants

a. The role of EuroDIG and of national European IGFs

3.    How can European business and civil society play a bigger role in Internet governance discussions, and in particular in the IGF? 

a. Expectations and outcomes for input in the 2015 IGF

b. Establishing mechanisms to develop Pan-European multi-stakeholder messages

c. How can civil society and industry work together with EU and Member States to ensure the best possible outcomes.

4. The Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO)

a. Update by the European Commission and discussion

Date & Time: Friday, 9 October - 09:30 to 12:00Venue: DG CONNECT BU25 – room 0/S1, Av. de Beaulieu 25