Power of Attorney

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    Orestis Andrianis
    13 January 2017 - updated 1 year ago
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I am a citizen based in Greece. In my country for various activities between citizens and businesses we have to sign something equivalent to a power of attorney form (http://ypeythini-dilosi.eu/) that needs to be certified by a government entity (police station or a citizens center).

For instance last week I had a car accident. In order for my insurance company to repay the repair shop I had to sign a form certified by the government that I allow the insurance company to pay the repair shop on my behalf. This process took me more than one hour and I am sure if could be replicated easily online and in much simpler way.

This can be very timely and for sure can be done online. Do you know if any countries within the EU are working like that and if there is a universal EU way of bypassing the physical practise of this in order to do it online?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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