Pillar 3 - 20. Transform the Commission (Europa) websites

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    18 October 2016 - updated 1 year ago
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Transform its websites to support increasing engagement and participation of citizens and businesses in EU programmes and policy making

Potential of action

In order to provide high quality, accessible online services to citizens and businesses in the EU, the Commission is transforming its websites into a thematic, user-centred web presence. This will significantly change the way the Commission interacts with citizens online by providing a relevant, coherent and cost-effective web presence. This will increase transparency as well as enabling the engagement and participation of citizens and businesses in EU programmes and policy making.

Description of action

The Commission's web presence will be thematically organised according to one single information architecture and align organisational goals with user needs and tasks. It will provide modern online services and up-to-date information to citizens and businesses. This will improve access to information on EU programmes and their funding opportunities. Contribution to policy making will be facilitated through feedback mechanisms such as those under the Better Regulation agenda.

Main responsible at the European Commission: DG COMM

Target date: 2018

Status: Completed. 

The thematic organisation of the Commission’s online content has been completed in 2017 by the building of the information architecture until at least level three on ec.europa.eu. Existing websites have been assigned to each of the 15 themes and will be further rationalised and improved. New web communication needs are being integrated in the thematic structure applying the new corporate look and feel for seamless navigation.

More info (website): https://ec.europa.eu/info/about-commissions-new-web-presence_en