Pillar 2 - 16. EURES European Job Mobility portal

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On track

Further develop the EURES European Job Mobility portal

Potential of action

The EURES portal collects more than 1 million job vacancies and makes these available for semantic search on the portal. The portal is connected with the Public Employment Services and with a network of EURES advisors in each EU country.

Description of action

EURES was launched in 1994 as a co-operation network between the European Commission and the national Public Employment Services, with the aim to exchange information on vacant posts, jobseekers' CVs, labour market trends and living/working conditions.

As part of the EURES 2020 project and the new EURES regulation of 2016 stresses the need for further integration of labour markets and includes proposals to reinforce EURES. The planned developments include a clearance of vacancies and applications for employment as well as the exchange and provision of labour market related information. In addition to the IT developments, the network will be open to more partners, such as private employment services, and more jobs will be advertised on the EURES job portal. In addition, there will be a better online matching between candidates and vacancies.

Several additional technical improvements will be still implemented in 2017-2018, including a module of terminologies called European Skills Competencies and Occupations (ESCO).

Main responsible at the European Commission: DG EMPL

Target date: 2017

Status: On track

Activities and deliverables planned for 2017 are on track. It is anticipated that, starting with May 2018, it will be possible for Member States to transfer data both on all job vacancies publicly available with the Public Employment Services as well as all job applications and CVs available through the Public Employment Services, provided that the worker concerned has consented to do so ('once-only principle'). As a next step, it is also planned to facilitate such data transfer for the Private Employment Services.


More info (website): http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=869